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Talbert's Thoughts

I've noticed that the semi-private and public courses in the Montgomery area offer the ability to become a member through annual membership fees. This "membership" gives you the opportunity to play golf at their course for a cart fee and a "few" other discounts on items you may or may not purchase. After your "membership" expires you can choose to pay this annual membership fee and start paying "just" cart fee's again. This doesn't sound like much of a membership to me. Does it to you? We here at Cottonwood have been doing this exact same thing...until now. I want to change all that and I need your help. I would like to make Cottonwood "Your Golf Club" and create a membership you, your family and your friends are looking for.

Introducing Make Cottonwood "Your Golf Club" Membership

Not everyone desires everything a member at a private club is looking for. However, they would like a golf course to call home and feel like a member at their course of choice. We want to make Cottonwood "Your Golf Club"! We feel we are on our way with a new membership structure.

How Does One Really Create a "Your Golf Club" Experience?

It starts and ends with a one word answer, you! We need your help in creating this environment. If you are looking for a great golf course where you can choose from several different golf activities, feel wanted, improve your game and know your ideas will be listened to then I hope you will join us in this quest. I have so many "out of the box" ideas that are meant to provide fun that I invite you to call me to discuss them, or anything else.

What is Cottonwood's New Membership and Why Choose Cottonwood?

Basically it's a true initiation fee (one time) membership where monthly dues are charged. Same as private golf courses. HOWEVER, in our membership the cart fees are included. Also, when your membership reaches its annual anniversary date there is not "another" annual fee due to continue your "membership."

...Why Choose Cottonwood?

It's one of about a dozen Byron Nelson designed courses remaining in the United States and Mr. Nelson did a phenomenal job with it. I have played The Olympic Club in San Francisco, Honors in Chattanooga, Shoal Creek in Birmingham, Champions in Houston Texas, Oak Tree in Edmund, OK as well as 22 of the 50 states across the country, along with 3 different countries, and Cottonwood is right there when it comes to layouts.

Erik Vogler, our superintendent has done a wonderful job on course conditions. It's in the best shape it's been in years. Ask anyone who has played recently. It's now my turn to enhance a member or guest's experience. This will be done from customer service changes, events, clinics and facility upgrades from what's available to what it looks like.

The driving range is getting a face lift with new benches, targets, bag stands, water cooler, practice bunker and a "members only" area where balls will be already laid out in pyramids. I will be looking to create a women and men's golf association for dogfights and other tournaments they want to conduct. I will constantly be looking to run "fun" events, clinics and tournaments. My plans also include a teaching academy to help golfers of all ages and skill levels but to mainly build a strong junior program.

Your Golf Club Membership and its "Foursome of Friends" Category

The number one driving force in people's decision on where to join or play golf is where their friends play. Part of our make Cottonwood "Your Golf Club" experience includes it's "Foursome of Friends" membership. This membership is designed to transfer your entire group(s) to Cottonwood. This will assure that you have a foursome to play with. We will provide the golf events, clinics, weekend games and introduction to other Cottonwood members while you enjoy your championship course. If your situation is a little different I encourage you to call and we will do all we can to custom fit this to you and your friends.

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