Named for two of the early pioneer families who homesteacled here, the courses were first clreamed of by the Campbell Family in 2008 to help create a new stable economic base for Frontier Oregon. The following year , Dan Hixson, a noted Northwest golf course architect, was selected to join the team to design and build the second world class, reversible 18-hole courses in the world (the Old Course at St. Andrews, Scotland was first).

Like designers of old, Dan also led the team that actually built the courses every clay and he, himself, made every design decision, no matter how small (with the handicap of everybody else's advice!). The Campbell Family provicled the place, the water, the equipment, and the resources for this exceptional achievement, but made four requirements:

  1. the courses must be fun and clearly world class golf
  2. the courses must set a new standard for environmental sustainability
  3. only 5 trees could be removed (Dan's previous course hacl no trees!), and
  4. the courses must not have any water hazards (they attract any ball Scott hits - so, no water hazards!)

Dan Hixson and Scott, Tygh and Rancl Campbell first played the finished courses on September 23, 2015 - Dan hacl met the requirements ! Please, have a good time and enjoy our courses!