Junior Golf

GolfVisions’ Commitment to Junior Golf: Making It Affordable

In an age of smartphones, tablets and video games, youngsters are increasingly and alarmingly foregoing golf. But golf has so much to recommend itself for young people:

  • The game is played in the great outdoors amidst fresh air and natural beauty.

  • The game teaches sportsmanship, self-discipline and etiquette.

  • The game promotes healthy competition.

  • The game encourages personal growth as the player improves and sees progress.

  • The game is social.

  • The game is FUN!

GolfVisions wants to make it easy and affordable for juniors to try the game and play as often as busy schedules permit. Whether it's a value-priced junior membership/season pass, low junior rates, or specials promoting parent-child (or grandparent-child) play, every GolfVisions facility has a program in place to encourage junior golfers. Visit the facility Website or call the course to learn what special programs, rates and promotions are available for young golfers.



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